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Frequently Asked Questions

Do parents need to buy a ticket?

Parents, family & friends who want to come along to watch will need to purchase a bronze ticket. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult at all events.

How many Masterclasses can we do?

Each gold & silver ticket holder will be given 3 Masterclasses, one in Commercial Dance, one in Contemporary dance and one in Musical Theatre/Jazz. There will also be free technique and tap classes within the exhibition throughout the day and the chance to pay for extra classes from guest tutors

Can we choose which classes we want to do?

No, upon booking you will be placed into a group. The week before the event you will receive the timetable with the details of your classes

How can I make sure I am in the same group as my friend?

When booking online just ensure you choose the same group number as your friends.

How are the groups made up?

Groups are divided into Junior groups (age 8-13) and Senior groups (14+).

Do you have to be a high standard in dance to take part?

No, we welcome all abilities! We do recommend that you have some dance training though so you can get the most out of the classes.

What time does it start?

Doors will open at 8:30am. There will be an introduction to the day in the main arena at approximately 9:30am and classes will start at 10am. Please note these timings vary from venue to venue so please check the timetable prior to the day as classes may begin earlier.

What time does it finish?

The day will finish at approximately 6:15pm but please check the timetable as some conventions may run for longer.

What clothes/shoes should we bring?

Please wear suitable clothing for the masterclasses in which you can move appropriately. Trainers are good for commercial & jazz, but Contemporary will require jazz shoes or bare feet. Don’t forget to bring your tap shoes to use on our rhythm stage.

Do we need to bring our own food/drinks?

There are opportunities for food on site, but we recommend that you bring a packed lunch & refreshments with you.

Is there parking available?

There is parking available at each venue (Please see the map for parking options).

What time does the showcase start?

The showcase will begin between 3:30pm & 4.00pm (see the timetable for exact times).

Can we see the colleges perform?

Yes, the college showcase runs over lunchtime (around 1pm), this is always a popular part of the day so we advise planning this into your lunchtime break.

Do we have to wear the wristbands all day?

Yes, wristbands must be kept on all day as they will act as your ticket into each Masterclass. Spectator wristbands must also be worn all day - forgetting your wristband on the day may result in you being denied entry.

What can supporters watch?

Bronze Ticket holders are allowed to watch the Masterclasses, visit the exhibition and watch the college performances and showcase at the end of the day. Children under 5 can enter for free.

Do we need to bring money?

Yes, there is an exhibition with stalls selling the latest dance wear & accessories as well as CYD? merchandise and the chance to pay for extra classes.

How do I get seen for a scholarship?

Colleges exhibit at all our events and on the day their representatives scout dancers during our masterclasses. If you are lucky enough to be chosen, you will get short listed to audition at the college. If you are interested in being considered for a scholarship please make yourselves known to the college at the beginning of the day.

Can younger dancers win scholarships?

Yes, scholarships are not just reserved for dancers who are ready to train full time - many of our younger dancers are offered scholarships for Easter & Summer school courses too.

Can anyone enter the showcase? What are the rules?

The showcase is for groups and dance schools. You can enter two groups into the competition - 1 Junior (ages 8 to 13) & 1 Senior (ages 14+). There is a minimum of 8 dancers per group with a maximum of 40 and you may enter any genre.

How long can the routines be?

Routines should be 2.30 long with an absolute maximum of 3 minutes (Any music over 3 minutes will be returned and asked to be cut). See the full rules here.