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Exciting news! Could you be the next BLOCH Artist?

Published: Jan 11th 2017

bloch-artist-searchWe have some very exciting news! We have secured a year long contract with global dance brand BLOCH to find the next BLOCH artist! This is your chance to become part of the BLOCH family – this really could be you!

You will work closely with Bloch and be regularly featured across their social media and in potential photoshoots!

You will be sent new products that are in development to provide feedback and assist in the product launch, you will also be given an allowance to spend on Bloch products throughout the year!

We will be looking for Junior & Senior Artists, scouted throughout the Masterclasses at all our conventions!

So if you are coming along to Liverpool, Worcester, Essex, Norwich, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Bath, Nottingham or Leeds you have a chance of being spotted and becoming the next Bloch Artist! 

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