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Record number of scholarships given out in 2016

Published: Sep 15th 2016

Since 2014 we have teamed up with the top UK performing arts colleges to offer scholarships for full time training. This allows dancers to gain either full or half scholarships to various colleges across the UK.

How does this work?

performers-summer-and-easterColleges exhibit at all our events and on the day their representative’s scout dancers during our masterclasses. If you are lucky enough to be chosen, you get short listed to audition at the college. Some lucky dancers impress the colleges so much that they are offered a scholarship on the spot.

Last year we had over £200,000 in funding, this year it’s more than doubled at close to £500,000 and we expect this to increase further in 2017.

The good news is, these scholarships are not just reserved for dancers who are ready to train full time – many of our younger dancers are offered free Easter & Summer school courses too. This year alone, Performers college gave out over 12 scholarships to their Easter & Summer schools at our conventions, giving young dancers the opportunity to experience professional training at a vocational college.

Laine Theatre Arts Scholarships

In 2016, Matt & Tom were honoured to partner with Laine Theatre Arts to offer TWO full-time scholarships on their unique three year diploma course, validated by Trinity College London. Young dancers were scouted throughout the Can You Dance? 2016 season and will be invited to a private audition with Miss Laine at the college in the Autumn. This is a fantastic opportunity for anyone wanting to further their training at one of the best colleges in the UK and we will be sharing more exciting news about this very soon.


Alongside this, dancers have also been picked out the conventions to be brand ambassadors & chosen to represent a variety of dance brands.Can You Dance? feel very passionately about creating these opportunities for young dancers and we are grateful for the continued support from all the colleges. If you are looking to take that next step in your training, come along to our conventions, chat to the colleges about the possibilities available and you never know – you may be chosen for a full-time scholarship whilst you’re there!

“Urdang Academy love coming to Can You Dance? It’s a great platform for new emerging talent. We’re able to find new students for our college and see them dance lots of different styles as well.  It allows dancers to come & experience professional training without having to go to London. We love it here! “ Greg McPherson – Urdang Academy.

Colleges who attended Can You Dance? in 2016 include:

Urdang Academy, Laine Theatre Arts, Performers College, Masters College, Mandy Ellen, Tiffany Theatre College, Italia Conti, The Centre PAC, SLP, Madd College, Old School Danceworks, EPA, D&B College, Evolution College, LCPA, Phil Winstons Theatreworks, Dyamond Stage Academy, Hasland Dance Studios, Newcastle College, TSPA College, Read College, CAPA College, Morea Performing Arts, Chantry College, The Big Act, Sage Academy & Mechanics’ Performing arts.

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