Meet Our Dance Stars

Our Dance Stars


Hi, I’m Darcey and I’m 15 years old, I currently train at The Dance Factory, I’m part of the Taaffe training associates course, an ambassador for Mission Inspire and an exclusive Kandi Kouture girl.

I’m currently an assistant for Josie Lee and EJB choreography and love travelling the country assisting at workshops and conventions. 2023 and 2024 I have been thrilled to be part of Josie Lee’s main stage production at Move it.

CYD has given me so many wonderful opportunities all ready and I can’t wait to travel to NYC to be part of the Joffrey summer intensives this year.

Last year I had the great honour of winning CYD Senior Dancer of the year 2023, and I’m thrilled to be chosen to be part of the CYD star company 2024, to work with such talented dancers and choreographers.