Meet Our Dance Stars

Our Dance Stars

Freya I.

My name is Freya, I’m 17 years old and have been dancing since I was 2.

At the age of 7, I moved to New Jersey, USA, where I lived for 8 years. I trained 6 days a week in different styles of dance and competed all over the East Coast of America in dance competitions and conventions, winning various awards and scholarships. 

My highlight was dancing alongside Maddie Ziegler in the Capezio ‘Dance In You’ campaign video.

Moving back to the UK at age 15, I’ve continued to dance and now attend Rambert pre-vocational school, conventions and intensive programmes.

I am so grateful to have been given this opportunity to be a part of the CYD? Dance Star Company 2020 and cannot wait for all the CYD? events, learning from the amazing tutors and other dancers.

Thank you to all the dance teachers and choreographers that have helped me on my dance journey and a special thanks to Matt and Tom for forming CYD? and introducing the dance convention scene to the UK.