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Addict Dance Academy

Addict Dance Academy was founded in 2012 by Co – Directors Gareth Chown and Cheryl Wimperis who believe in excellence in training for young dancers in the East Midlands. “Our vision is for aspiring dancers to experience professional dance training within a supportive environment.

At ADA we provide training in a breadth of dance styles, all of which are delivered by teachers who have, or who are currently working in the industry, providing the technical training and industry knowledge required for a sustainable career in dance.

We are completely committed to our students and are always looking to create exciting industry opportunities which will provide them with the tools needed to become successful dancers and confident people. We have beautiful facilities with 4 inspiring dance studios. Situated in the heart of Leicester’s Town Centre we are attracting more and more like minded dancers from all over England, who are dedicated, passionate and committed to improve their skills and become the best dancers they can be. We are therefore very proud to be a part of a dance academy that is having such a positive impact upon dancer’s lives and careers. So if you are looking for professional dance training that will challenge yet reward you personally, emotionally and physically, we have no doubt you will find what you are looking for, at Addict Dance Academy.

Cheryl Wimperis and Gareth Chown