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Meet MEPA College!

Published: Nov 12th 2021

CYD? recently met up with MEPA College to find out what they’re up to… and it’s a lot! See below for our recent chat 🙂

How did the college get started and when did you open?

16 years ago, a few members of our part-time students asked us to offer them full-time training as they didn’t want to leave us. The Principal decided this was the next big step for MEPA. Since then we decided to open our doors and offer full-time training for young talent that wanted a career in the performing arts. To this very day, we are so proud of the rapid growth of MEPA College and everything we have achieved.

We hear you’ve recently expanded the college, that sounds exciting – what are the new facilities like in the new building?

Yes we have expanded our facilities and we are very excited! We have just opened our 3rd building to MEPA College called Studio 6. Adding an additional 5,000 square feet to our facilities. This building has been purpose-built to meet our student and staff’s every need. Our new building holds, A Student Social Area, Coffee Shop, Staff Conference Room, Student Work Space with Charging Ports, Dance Studio, Changing Rooms, On Site Theatre and a Viewing Balcony. Studio 6 is the perfect addition to our already two lovely buildings which hold, Dance Studios, Music Rooms, Acting Studios, Singing Studios, IT Suit and a Student Resource Room.

What made you want to expand?

We wanted to expand our facilities purely because we wanted to offer the very best for our students. We felt that the students would benefit from these amazing facilities for education and social purposes. We want our students to look back and remember the time spent at MEPA College to be happiest and as fulfilling as possible.

Where are you based & what courses do you offer?

We are based in Maidstone Kent and we offer two professional training courses

     – Three Year Professional Musical Theatre and Performing Arts Programme

     – Three  Year Professional Dance and Teacher Training Programme

What is the ethos of the college?

The ethos of our college is ‘Quality not Quality’. We want to offer exceptional training to our students by keeping class sizes small to ensure maximum attention from the faculty and progress from the students.

What advice would you give any dancers who would like to audition & what does the audition day consist of?

Our audition day consists of a Ballet class, Jazz class and Commercial class. Students will also be expected to sing a Solo Song and perform a Monologue. We always say we are looking for potential and not the finished product. MEPA College takes pride in being a very hands on teaching establishment and we can give the students the skills and knowledge once you are training with us. You must show that you are willing to learn and have a passion for performing arts.

What do you look for in a performer?

We look for that star quality. MEPA College looks for performers that have that sparkle and passion. We can teach you the skills however you must have the passion and drive to work hard and succeed!

Is funding available for your courses?

MEPA College offers Full, Half & Part Scholarships and have funding available. These financial offers are considered via audition.

What inspires you?

We are inspired by performers that won’t allow failure to be an option. Students that have dedication, show persistence, drive and have a desire to succeed will always do well in this industry. You must able to self motivate and pick yourself up if you fall. You only get one chance to make something of yourself. Performers that show these qualities are very inspiring to have here at MC and we encourage this mindset always!

And finally, tell our dancers something we may not know about MEPA college!

MEPA College has many performing opportunities throughout the year and we encourage at least one performance every term. This includes years One, Two and Three. We believe confidence is grown by performing and putting your skills to the test. We also have an incredible faculty of industry professionals that educate and train our students to the best they can possibly be. By the time our students reach graduation, they have an incredible CV full of experience, Agent Showcase to help them transition into the industry, The confidence to stand tall and be proud in the industry and a life long membership to being a part of the MC family.

Find out more about MEPA here!


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