Main Stage Performance Information

Thank you for reserving your Main StagePerformance Space! Please read through the important information below & keep this email for your records:

Entry Ticket Deadline – JUNE 12th

We will need final entry ticket numbers by June 12th at the latest, with payment 30 days after. You can enter 1 group per school (don’t forget, there are a minimum of 10 dancers & a maximum of 50 allowed) from age 5 upwards & it can be a mixed group and any style as it’s not a competition (if you ware wanting to tap please let us know). The music length is a maximum 3.5 minutes. 

If you have your ticket numbers before June, please send them over, all ticket numbers along with chaperone details and School intro’s must be sent through on the link below:


Ticket Prices

Entry tickets for the whole weekend are £40pp for all dancers & parents (up to 4 teachers can enter free) or £25 for one day entry – this includes event access & your school performance (it does not include masterclasses). Entry tickets are bought through us, and masterclasses can be bought online by your dancers from our timetable once that has gone on sale.

Please remind them to bear in mind your performance slot when booking their classes so they don’t clash. 

Chaperones – Deadline – June 12th

Every school performing on the Main Stage is required to adhere to Liverpool authority rules, which means every school will need the following chaperones to be present backstage:

  • 1 Chaperone to 10 children who are 9 and under
  • 1 Chaperone to 12 children who are 10 and over

(Children who are 16 or over and outside of full time school education (Year 11), don’t need to be included in the above). 

If you don’t have enough chaperones, you can request one of our pool chaperones at a cost of £30 per performance. If you are from an area that doesn’t issue chaperone licences you will need to book a pool chaperone. 

We will need to know the names of your chaperones & the authority they are registered with and the expiry date of their chaperone licence, along with the DBS names & numbers you would like to include no later than June 12th. Please only include chaperones who are already licensed and have their details through by June 12th, anyone still waiting will not be able to be included. 

DBS Helpers can be named if you wish to use them, but they cannot be named in place of a Chaperone and children cannot be left in the care of a DBS Helper. DBS Helpers should only be there to assist any named Chaperones. 

Your named chaperones will be given free entry tickets and must wear their Council issued badges or lanyards at all times.  They will need to be in the dressing rooms as your dancers are changing & will then escort them to stage and be able to watch your schools performance, they will then need to escort them off stage and back to the dressing rooms.

This must be filled this information out on the ticket form when you submit your ticket numbers.

School Bios/Intros – Deadline – June 12th

We will need a short exciting introduction about your school & performance for our presenter, for example: name of the piece, choreographer, what the performance is about and anything else interesting. Please keep it to 3-4 sentences. We also need this by 12th June. If we don’t receive this by this date you will just be introduced as your school.

This must be filled this information out on the ticket form when you submit your numbers.

Music & performance rules

Music can be a maximum of 3.5 minutes. A link will be sent out 5-6 weeks before the event in which you can upload your music. 

Please make sure your routines, music & costumes are age-appropriate, can we also remind you to avoid any sensitive subjects. Whilst we do appreciate dance is art and routines can be thought provoking, it is a children’s event and mental health topics or historic traumatic events, including the recent covid epidemic or the Ukraine war should always be avoided – if you are in doubt just ask the office.

Stage dimensions & Filming

The stage size is 18m x 12m. 

Would you like your performance professionally filmed on our epic main stage?! Captured using a high definition, broadcast quality, professional camera and available after the event for you to download, the cost for this is £25 per performance. This can be added on to your booking on the ticket form when you send your ticket numbers over to us.