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Curtain Call

Introducing Curtain Call Costumes !

This family-owned business of 50 years created their mission statement in 1969 and has lived by it since.

Mission – To create inspirational apparel for dancers, and gymnasts throughout the world.

Vision – To become the leading resource of apparel and services to the dance and gymnastics markets by providing dependability, unparalleled service, value and quality at the highest level through continuous improvement, driven by the integrity, teamwork and creativity of all our Associates.

Values :

Trust and Honesty – We pledge to be trustworthy and honest in all that we do, with the highest degree of ethics.
Respect – We respect and value all individuals.
Teamwork – We recognize that teamwork is the only key to ensure the successes of our future.
Service – We are committed to service so that our customers will embrace us as indispensable, with the highest quality personal service and on-time delivery.
Best Effort – We commit to giving our best effort every day. Responsible – We pledge to be responsible neighbours.

This year of our 50th Anniversary, we celebrate in a special way by partnering exclusively with Dance School Distribution and bringing our know-how in costuming, service and quality to Europe!

We are a family run business you can trust that has cared for it’s US and Aus- tralian
customers for the last 50 years. We are delighted to offer through Dance School Distribution the same care and attention to all EU dancers. 100% of our costumes are US designed and many are still US manufactured as our family-run company believes in putting the customer first and margins second.

Looking for something different? +250 new styles inside

Don’t want to be let down just before your show?

We have thousands of costumes in stock ready to ship immediately from the US. If we don’t have it in stock, we will make it for you in the US.

Want to speak to a Company that cares?

Then contact Dance School Distribution
Our experienced Relationship Managers will support you all the way to the stage, every year, and they won’t ever let you down.

Email: uk@dance-distribution.com Call: 0333 303 4712