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MEPA College

Every student has dreams and aspirations and here at the Mandy Ellen Performing Arts College, we strive to nurture those dreams and turn them into a reality by offering all of our students the opportunity and training to fulfil their true potential.
At the Mandy Ellen Performing Arts College we strive to bring out the best in our students, by understanding that each individual has their own unique way of learning. This enables us to acknowledge and support each student’s specific needs, and through the implementation of effective teaching methods we can breed an environment of trust and achievement where each and every student can thrive. We have always prided ourselves on our open and friendly approach to teaching and by nurturing a “can do” attitude in all of our students, we provide them with a safe structured environment in which to express themselves and challenge their own abilities.
Being a young and vibrant team helps, we all have differing levels of experience and success within our chosen fields, “we don’t just teach it, we live it” and as such, we have the ability to offer advice and practical support along the way, born out of real experience. So if performing arts is your passion then, “The dream starts here!”
Ours Aims
Just like our students we have our own dreams and ambitions, which are primarily to ensure that each and every student receives quality training to the highest standard. If our students succeed then we do too. In order to ensure that each student receives focused tutoring we strive to keep our class numbers to a minimum, to enable a greater emphasis on teacher to student ratios.
It is fair to say that a career in the field of Musical Theatre and Teaching is a competitive one, and like all competitions only the very best will succeed. Our role is to ensure that through focused and structured teaching, along with regular performance reviews, our students are equipped to face the challenges that lie ahead.
When entering the college for the first time you will feel that you have taken the first step to reaching your goal. At Mandy Ellen Performing Arts we have a structured work ethic that requires total commitment from each of our students, but we also believe that learning should be fun and motivational. As such we ensure that all of our students and teachers uphold the Mandy Ellen tradition by working hard and being the very best they can be in all areas of the course