Super Convention Ticket Numbers

We need to know this to ensure you are allocated the correct dressing room
Each school must be accompanied by the following ratio of chaperones: 1 Chaperone to 10 children who are 9 and under, 1 Chaperone to 12 children who are 10 and over. (Children who are 16 or over and outside of full time school education (Year 11), don’t need to be included in the above).
Please see above for the ratios required. If you are from an area that doesn't issue chaperone licences you will need to book a pool chaperone.
We need a short exciting introduction about your school & performance for our presenter, for example: name of the piece, choreographer, what the performance is about and anything else interesting. Please keep it to 3-4 sentences.
Every performance we film will be captured using a high definition, broadcast quality, professional camera. This will then be edited and available after the event for you to download. The cost is TBC.
Let us capture professional photos of your dance school performance on the CYD? Super Convention Main Stage! After the event you will be sent a link with all of your photos giving you the rights to use them on your website/marketing as you wish. The cost is TBC.
Combine both professional filming and photos in one package is TBC>
Please let us know if there is anything else you need to tell us