Teacher Nomination Form

The CYD? Teacher Awards Celebrating outstanding achievement in the performing arts. Recognising excellence and championing teachers to keep inspiring and pushing new boundaries.

There are 10 awards on offer (6 can be voted by the public) each will feature 3 short-listed nominees per category. Nominations open 1st December and close 31st January. If you would like to nominate someone for an award please follow fill out the details below.

In this category we would love to see entries for those studio support staff who enrich the lives of children every time. Often referred to as the backbone of the studio, an asset to the teachers they support, studio support staff also have a positive impact on the students they work with, helping them to overcome creative, social or emotional barriers to learning.
This award goes to someone who is at the forefront of the industry. Engaging in new ideas and concepts. They are not afraid to make changes to ensure their students follow the best paths to experience all the opportunities available to them.
This award is for a teacher who can demonstrate their power and effectiveness not only in transforming the lives of their pupils but also in enriching the local community. Describe what makes your teacher stand out and is making a real difference to the lives of the students and their families and in their community.
Teachers working with students with special needs have a huge impact that goes above and beyond the studio. These unique and committed individuals are raising the aspirations for young people with SEND, they personalise, effectively promote and embed inclusive practices that help prepare those they teach for adulthood and making a success of their future lives. Tell us how your nominee stands out from the crowd.
We live in an ever changing world, with many highs and lows. This person has gone to great lengths to make dance available to all; particularly those who dance is not easily accessible to. Developing many opportunities to bring people together regardless of their circumstances.
Nominate your fellow Teachers for this special award. Maybe this teacher has offered you guidance and advice, been a pivotal part of your studio or just been a shoulder to lean on.